Ella Acrylic Inward Swing Door Walk In Tubs

Ella’s Bubbles delivers quality engineering in style with Ella Inward Swing Door Walk In Tubs. Each Ella walk in tub is equipped with a beautifully custom crafted brushed stainless-steel door with frosted tempered glass giving you a tub with a unique high-end look. A low step-in threshold, textured slip resistant floor, molded seat as well as wall and/or deck mounted grab bars work in unison to allow for easy and safe entry and exit of the tub. The acrylic shell is backed by a solid rustproof stainless-steel frame with adjustable leveling legs, giving you a safe, sturdy, and long-lasting walk-in bathtub. 

Ella Walk In Tubs range from standard dimensions with the Deluxe (our pioneer model) and Elite, our space-saving Petite, the wider format Royal, to our fully loaded Ultimate with its exclusive independently operated foot massage, or a unique two seat walk in tub, the Companion. Choose from various jetting options like soaking, therapeutic hydro and air massages, rejuvenating and softening Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy, or upgrade to the luxurious Ultimate walk-In bath with independently operated, strategically positioned powerful foot massage jets to soothe tired soles and calves. Faucet options include our standard anti-scald Thermostatic Control Valve for the safety-conscious consumers, or you can select one of the fast-fill faucets available in classic and contemporary styles. Indulge in a tranquil bath with your favorite book and glass of wine while conveniently keeping your belongings dry and out of the bath on our patented 360° swivel tray, included with the Elite, Royal, Petite, and Ultimate models. Ella packages offer features like radiant heated seat and back rest to keep you comfortably warm as the tub fills or empties, aromatherapy to help stimulate your senses using essential oils, LED chromatherapy to aid in mood enhancement through colorful alternating hues, and ozone sterilization for easy maintenance with chemical-free, earth and bio-friendly technology. Scroll down to learn more about our walk in bath packages and take a tour.

One of the best and exclusive features of our walk-in tubs is its Dual Drain Technology (DDT) which consists of two (2) independently operated 2” gravity driven drains. Each drain is outfitted with its own overflow and stainless-steel cable operated drain opener with extended handle for an easier grip. Typical drainage time is approximately +/-80 seconds at ideal in-home plumbing conditions. Having two gravity driven 2” drains not only provides you with quick and reliable drainage, but also acts as a safety feature in case if one drain fails, allowing you to safely drain and exit the walk-in tub. The two-inch drains can be connected using Tee or Y 2” pipe connectors to the standard 1 ½” or 2” house drain. If possible, it is recommended to connect into 2” or 3” house drain for a faster drainage time. Ella gravity driven Dual Drain drains are fast and reliable because they do not require electric pump. Whereas electrical driven drains may fail due to electrical shorts or power outages.

Our strategically designed jetting systems outshine our competitors by a longshot. Strategically positioned jetting ensures that you receive targeted and effective massaging where you need it the most. Ella’s offers a variety of sizes and jetting options to be able to fit your therapeutic needs. Below is a brief outline of our jetting systems. Please feel free to venture into the specific product pages for detailed jet counts and positioning based on the selected tub.

The hydro massage system includes a hydro pump with an in-line water heater, ecofriendly ozone sterilization, hydro massage intensity dial control, strategically positioned hydro jet system for targeted and effective massaging, and an on/off push control. 

The air massage system includes an air pump with a 3-speed variable push control and strategically positioned air jet system for optimal therapeutic relief. A digital controller option is also available with dual massage (air and hydro) package however the on/off push controls are the most popular choice considering the ease of use. The air massage system also includes the auto-purge feature. This feature engages automatically 20 minutes after the pump has been turned off to purge water out of the air jet lines. The auto-purge will engage automatically and run for 120 seconds to ensure your system is clear and free of moisture and excess water helping to prevent the mildew build up.

Ella Infusion™ MicroBubble Therapy consists of a single microbubble jet connected to a hydro pump and microbubble tank system. The high-pressure hydro pump along with the microbubble tank brakes down the water molecules into billions of tiny bubbles which are then sent out through the single jet, filling your walk-in tub with billions of tiny bubbles, providing you with an unequivocal moisturizing and exfoliating therapeutic experience. These bubbles moisturize and exfoliate your skin while you bathe.

Push controls are standard on most packages as well as the most popular choice considering the ease of use. The push controls have a raised design for easy push on/off action. Digital controls are an option as well for those that want a sleeker option.

Ella Acrylic Walk In Bathtubs include a Removable Stainless Steel Door With Tempered Glass. The stainless steel door adds a sleek look and makes your bathtub easier to clean. With its detachable feature, hard to reach places have never been easier to access.

360 Swivel TrayPatented 360° Swivel Tray Available on Elite, Royal, Petite and Ultimate

Dual Drain Technology Ella gravity driven 2″ dual drain technology with independently operated 2 openers, 2 overflows for fast and reliable drainage and exit out of the walk-in tub.

30″W x 52″L

Introducing the flagship Elite, our most popular walk in tub sporting a sleek look. Designed with your comfort in mind, you’ll be able to relax in a 2” wider seat than the Petite and Deluxe models. The Ella Elite model comes with a removable swivel tray with a patented design. Common size tub to suit existing standard bathroom needs with 22” wide seat and 30” overall width.

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32″W x 52″L

Make way for the generously sized, yet stylish Royal walk-in bathtub, an expanded size fit for anyone who loves regal relaxation. The Royal can accommodate larger body types due to its ample design, seat, and backrest. With it spacious interior with, the  23.75” seat is ideal for larger individuals.

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28″W x 52″L

With a new design and smart engineering, the Petite walk in tub offers a stylish, practical solution in smaller homes and bathrooms. Boasting as much seat room as the Deluxe walk in tub, this model has a 2” narrower body to save space in your home. It is made with a smaller profile, but features the same 19.75” seat width as our Deluxe model.

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30″W x 60″L

Look to the Ultimate walk in tub for a fully loaded, roomy model with a 20″ wide seat and independent foot massage. This allows you to enjoy a convenient foot massage without waiting for the whole walk-in bathtub to fill. Or, you can indulge in a full bath using the air, hydro, and foot massagers simultaneously. Stretch out and soothe achy feet, calves, and soles quickly without filling the whole walk-in bathtub, thanks to the independent foot massage pump.

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30″W x 55″L

Stretch out and give yourself more leg room in our pioneer model, the Deluxe walk-in bathtub. Measuring at 55” long, with a 19.75″ wide seat.  This walk-in tub is ideal for taller bathers. With an economical price point, the Deluxe walk-in bathtub is the clear choice for cost-conscious customers. This tub includes increased leg room with 3” longer length than the Elite, Royal, and Petite walk-in bathtubs. The Ella Deluxe Dual Massage walk in tub offers a removable padded backrest and the ability to lower the step in threshold.

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30″W x 60″L

Bathing with your loved one is now possible with the Companion walk in tub. A two-seat version of our classic Deluxe walk in tub, this unique model features a centered outward swing door and  two 20.25″ wide center-facing seats.  The Ella Companion walk in tub is perfect for homes with larger bathrooms and the two seats allow you to bond with your better half while you enjoy a soothing bath.

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Important Dimensions

Dimensions of Tub WxLxH29.75×52.25×3827.75×52.25×3831.75×52.25×3829.5x55x3830.25×59.75×3729.75×59.75×38
Dimensions of Crate WxLxH34x57x4634x57x4636x57x4634x59x4635x65x4533x63x47
Extension Panel7″7″7″5″N/AN/A
Threshold Height6″6″6″7″8″6″
Threshold Lowering Option4″4″4″6″6″4″
Seat Width21.75″19.75″23.75″19.75″20.25″21″
Seat Height15″15″15″15″15″15″
Width of Door16.25″16.25″16.25″16.25″16.25″16.25″

Important Data

Gallons USA (Unoccupied)757080909595
Gallons USA (Occupied)45-6535-5545-7055-7545-6555-85
Suggested Water Heater*757575756075
Approximate Drainage Time**80 Seconds80 Seconds80 Seconds80 Seconds120 Seconds80 Seconds
Drain/Door LocationRight or LeftRight or LeftRight or LeftRight or LeftCenterRight or Left
Product Net Weight LBS (soaking/dual)***165/190160/185170/195175/195190/215N.A/215
Product Shipping Weight LBS (soaking/dual)***225/250220/245230/255230/255285/310N.A/310
*Suggested water heater size for a household with only a single bather. A household with any additional bathers should consider the next size available water heater.
**Approximate Drainage Time is under ideal plumbing conditions, your drainage times may vary.***Net and shipping weight depends on what packages is ordered

Important Features

Grab Bar(s)212212
One End Panel IncludedYesYesYesYesYesYes
Number of Access Panels222222
Hydro Jets141414121817
Air Jets161016101517
Removable Swivel TrayYesYesYesN/AN/AYes